Lea Michele Reveals Her Secrets to Getting in Shape for Bikini Season

Actress dishes on her diet and workout tips

By Kendall Fisher May 26, 2017 11:01 PMTags
Watch: Lea Michele Reveals Her Go-To for Bikini Season

For Lea Michele, bikini season is every season!

But with Memorial Day weekend upon us and summer just around the corner, we have to know some of her tips and tricks for staying in such great shape all year long, including those little secrets she uses when she really wants to tone up.

The 30-year-old chatted with E! News' Erin Lim at Popchips' 10th anniversary and celebration of their new Ridges potato chips and dished some of her go-to moves to get bikini-ready.

"If you eat well and work hard, you'll see the results," she explained. "It's more about feeling good than looking good, for me. Obviously, looking good is nice, but working out, for me, it just gives me good energy to do really well at my job."

Lea Michele's Best Looks

Still, while she admits she thinks bikini season "should be every season," she does have a few tricks up her sleeve for hopping into that two-piece on vacation.

"Maybe I'll cut down a little on the bread and the dairy because those are my weaknesses. And just pump up some of my workouts" she revealed. "I just signed up for a whole week of Body by Simone coming up. That's my favorite workout right now. And I do Corepower Yoga, and I have some friends that will tag along, and we do it together. That really helps to push me and motivate me."


With all that working out, she definitely allows herself a cheat meal, but she's honest in admitting she craves healthy foods almost all the time.

"I'll definitely give myself one day [of cheating] where I'll just be like, 'You know, it's Sunday, I'm not going to think [about my diet] today," she said. "See, here's the thing—and you're going to hate this answer—but I really crave healthy foods...I know that's a really snobby answer that makes you want to punch me in the face," she laughed.

However, that doesn't mean her vice is carrots.

"My vice is cheese, 100-percent, and pizza" she told us. "I was just in New York City a couple weeks ago, and I definitely late-night had like four slices of pizza. The best!"

...And now we know what we're having for dinner tonight. Yum!