Hospitality isn't a given in Savannah.

Southern Charm Savannah's cast is still obsessed with Nelson Lewis' past, and we kind of can't blame them? The guy basically pulled a Talented Mr. Ripley in Washington, D.C.,  pretending to be Rep. Jack Kingston, back in 2011 when he was an FNC staffer and Laura Ingraham Show producer.

Since the Bravo reality series' debut, Nelson's political scandal has dominated dinner table conversations and caused a chorus of whispers at social gatherings. And one of his friend's has finally had enough.

"Why are everyone's lives so small that you care what happened with Nelson?" Ashley Borders asks at the beginning of E! News' exclusive sneak peek at tonight's episode, which features the cast sitting down for a dinner once again asking Nelson about his D.C. fiasco. 

Still, they persist, with Brandon, Catherine's friend, asking, "Are you the Prince of the Bahamas?" (Yes, that was another fake title Nelson used, which he admits was "egregious.") When they keep talking about Nelson's scandal, he eventually says, "Everything's on Google!" while Ashley looks on, furious. 

"Animals, they attack in groups, because one of them is not strong enough to attack on their own," Ashley says in a voice-over. "Leave Nelson the goddamn alone." 

Still, they persist. And Ashley's finally had enough and it's kind of a scary/beautiful thing to watch. See how she decides to Nelson, and go on the offensive in a major way, in the clip above.

Southern Charm Savannah

Virginia Sherwood/Bravo Media

Oh, and if you need any further evidence that Nelson is the breakout star of Southern Charm Savannah, and truly one of TV's most eccentric characters, just read this tidbit of information he offered up about himself willingly: 

"My parents sent me off to liar's camp, if you will, and it was actually hilarious because I was in there with this gentleman who actually was a real member of congress, and I'm the guy who allegedly claimed he was a member of congress. And it was like, wow, really?!

Southern Charm Savannah airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on Bravo. 

(E! and Bravo are both part of the NBCUniversal Family.)

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