Missing Scandal? Don't Fret, Dear White People Is Here to Help

Exclusive! See the Netflix series' Scandal spoof and find out their big summer plans

By Chris Harnick May 25, 2017 6:17 PMTags
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Going through Scandal withdrawals? Dear White People is here to help with Defamation, the Netflix series' spoof of the popular Shonda Rhimes series. Get a taste of it in the exclusive clip below.

E! News has learned the Dear White People account will be live tweeting the current season of the fictional series Defamation every Wednesday night throughout the summer. It's a nod to the Scandal fandom that takes Twitter by storm every Thursday when the ABC series is new. Look for the term #Defamation to join in the fun.

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When E! News sat down with Dear White People creator Justin Simien and cast members Logan Browning and Brandon P. Bell, we had to ask him about his Scandal send-up.

"Listen, it's a satire. It's a comedy. There's no way to talk about black life without discussing what we watch on TV," Simien told us. "The truth is, in a lot of ways, the show is about storytelling and the stories that we tell ourselves, and what our characters are watching is super integral to who they are."

But there was still something else behind the satire. "Honestly, shooting Defamation is just because I never got a chance to shoot Scandal," Simien said. "That was probably the most fun I ever had on set."

Dear White People, which is based on and a continuation of Simien's movie of the same name, also stars DeRon Horton, Antoniette Robertson, John Patrick Amedori and Ashley Blaine Featherson with Better Call Saul's Giancarlo Esposito serving as narrator.Season one of Dear White People is now streaming on Netflix.

The real Scandal will return this fall for its final season on ABC.