Who Won Survivor: Game Changers?

Jeff Probst announced the winner of season 34 during a 3-hour broadcast that aired May 24 on CBS

By Lauren Piester May 25, 2017 2:17 AMTags
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So many idols, so little time. 

We should have known tonight's Survivor finale would be good and game changery, but we couldn't have imagined how fun it would actually be to watch Sarah Lacina take home the million dollar prize. 

Even just that first tribal council was thrilling, as everyone played their idols at once and Jeff had to resort to a default elimination. After being threatened all day by Culpepper (who had immunity) to hand over one of his idols, Tai refused, and decided to just play both of his idols. He used one for himself and one for Aubry, who was supposed to be the night's target. 

Then, Sarah used her legacy advantage, meaning she was safe, and Troyzan used his idol on himself. That meant that Cirie was the only person eligible for elimination, so she went hope, despite no one having voted for her! 

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Probst might have been the most shocked of everyone, and even brought Cirie out in front of the live audience for a standing ovation. Then, it was back to the game. 

Culpepper won immunity again (for the fourth time), and since all the idols were gone, the second tribal was a bit less thrilling. There was a plan to get rid of Troyzan to make Culpepper less powerful, but it was Aubry who was voted out. 

And then Culpepper won a fifth immunity, and immediately had it out for Tai. Sarah contemplated forcing a tie for a bit, but then voted for Tai in the end, meaning the final three was Sarah, Culpepper, and Troyzan. 

The jury questions were pretty rough, especially against Sarah, who lied her way through the entire competition, but she won the jury over, and even defeated Culpepper's incredible post-island mustache. 

What a night, what a season. Stay tuned for more from the reunion show!

Survivor will return to CBS later this year.