Chris Pine Still Uses His Flip Phone?! 5 More Stars Who Don't Follow Technology's Latest Trends

Wonder Woman actor refuses to get a smart phone because he "doesn't want to be connected"

By Meg Swertlow May 24, 2017 8:55 PMTags
Watch: Chris Pine Says His Flip Phone Is a "Pain in the Ass"

Chris Pine may be a movie star, but he is a man who likes to keep it simple—especially in the phone department.

The antiquated Wonder Woman star came clean and confessed that unlike most stars who are living in a multi-platform world, he still uses a flip phone instead of a smart phone.

On Tuesday, the 36-year-old actor, who was rocking a new haircut, joked on Good Morning America, "The flip world is a whole world you gotta get into."

He continued, "I recently got a record player and a flip phone. I kind of like the simplifying down. I just like the simple, I just like the non-complicated."

Despite being the star of the futuristic Star Trek franchise, Pine admits he's refusing to get with times. But he says in a world of constant contact, he needs a break.

"I don’t want to be connected so much," admitted Pine.

But he's not the only celeb who wants to kick it old school in regards to technology, let's take a look at five other Luddite celebs who don't want to change with the times:

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Anna Wintour: She may be Vogue's No. 1 lady, who has her pulse on all the latest fashion fads, but Wintour refuses to keep up with tech trends. Although she's owned both an iPhone and a BlackBerry, Wintour's go-to way to communicate appears to be a flip phone. She's been spotted clutching her flip phone at many A-list events over the years.

Christopher Walken: The quirky screen star also he says he doesn't use a computer at all. In 2016, the actor told Newsweek that it's "peaceful" not to use one.

"My wife always says to me, because she has a computer—apparently, you can look yourself up," he said. "You can do all sorts of masochistic things. I never have that temptation."

Apparently, when Walken shoots a movie, the film's producers give him a phone just for the shoot and once the movie ends, he gives it back.

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Rihanna: During a time when BadGalRiri was taking a social media break, she rocked a black T-Mobile flip phone. She's also been spotted with a pink Razr phone when it was way past its prime. Flip phones never looked so cool...

Karl Lagerfeld: The Chanel superstar told Women's Wear Daily that he only owns computers "because they are beautiful objects. Personally, I don't use them that much." But that's not all, he also has said he doesn't have a cell phone at all because he has "different priorities"—we can only assume that means being fabulous. He did finally get a smart watch though, noting to WWD that he and Beyoncé got the first ones.

Kate Beckinsale: She once told SlashGear that she's all about her red Verizon LG flip phone. "I'm not much interested in an iPhone," she said in an interview.