Second Wives Club's Veronika Obeng Opens Up to Katie Cazorla About Her Husband's Affair

BFFs have a heart-to-heart over dinner in emotional sneak peek from Thursday's all-new episode

By Gabi Duncan May 24, 2017 6:01 PMTags
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Veronika Obeng is finding more shoulders to lean on.

In this sneak peek from Thursday night's all-new episode of Second Wives Club, she finally opens up to BFF Katie Cazorla about her husband's affair.

"Up until a few months ago, I thought my life was perfect," Veronika shares. "I thought I was married to the most amazing man in the world. I woke up on a Tuesday afternoon and someone snatched the rug out from underneath my life, and it's like, oh no, it's all fake."

After her initial shock, Katie makes an effort to comfort her friend. "What are you doing to like cope with it?" she wonders. "Are you like—some people go on bike rides, some people hike, some people sing, some people dance, some people tell jokes."

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"It's crazy you said sing," Veronika replies, confessing, "I've started writing again, and I've always kind of gone in and out of the studio when the babies were sleep or when I had a quiet moment when Michael [her husband] would be out of town for a month, but I never had time to finish anything."

Katie then suggests Veronika meet with her fiancé Walter Afanasieff, who's a Grammy-winning songwriter and record producer.  

"Walter's responsible for writing beautiful songs and I know Walter would love to help Veronika," she explains.

That's what friends are for!

See more from Veronika and Katie's heart-to-heart in the video above!