Prepare to fall in love with a new Johnny Castle.

Taking on the Dirty Dancing role Patrick Swayze made iconic in the 1987 film is no easy task, and it's made even harder when you need to lose at least 20 pounds for the role. But that's exactly what newcomer Colt Prattes did for ABC's remake, premiering tonight at 8 p.m.

"I actually had to lose about 2030 because nobody was that big in the '60s," Prattes revealed to E! News at Dirty Dancing's PaleyLIVE premiere.

And Prattes said he went on the same diet regime Matthew McConaughey did for The Dallas Buyer's Club, the 2012 film that he dropped 38 pounds for in order play a man diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, a role that won him an Oscar.

Dirty Dancing


"I looked it up on YouTube," Prattes said. "He said it's like, eight ounces of fish in the morning, eight ounces of fish at night, and then all the red wine you can drink!"

Prattes isn't the only star taking on an iconic role, with Abigail Breslin stepping into Baby's (Jennifer Grey) dancing shoes for the TV movie. While the Scream Queens star said "the lift" is the first thing people think of when they look back on Jennifer Grey's performance, she "always liked" the character's independence. 

"For the time period that the movie was set in and just in general it was always cool for me to see a girl who was into a guy but didn't let him control her life," Breslin said. "And she took control of it herself, and I think that's really cool." 

To hear more from the Dirty Dancing remake stars, watch the video above. 

Dirty Dancing airs tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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