The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Does Her Best Whaboom Impression and It's Adorable (But Was She Forced to Keep Him?)

Exclusive: Rachel Lindsay sounds off on The Bachelorette premiere's most talked about contestants with E! News

By Tierney Bricker May 23, 2017 6:35 PMTags
Watch: "The Bachelorette" Rachel Lindsay Does Her Best "Whaboom"!

Still confused as to what "Whaboom" really means after watching The Bachelorette premiere? You're not alone!

I still don't understand ‘Whaboom' in its entirety," Rachel Lindsay admitted to E! News' Zuri Hall on Tuesday of buzzed-about contestant Lucas' catchphrase he yelled over (and over...and over) during ABC reality hit's season opener. "But it is Lucas, it's a part of him. I think that's why he was decked out in it and speaking it every 30 seconds!"

Though Lucas' endless Whaboom-ing throughout the premiere turned off a lot of viewers (and most of the other men in  the  house), Rachel kept him around for another week. Why!? "I said I wanted to be entertained the first night, and that he did!"

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But let it be known that Rachel gave Lucas a rose on the first night because SHE wanted to, not because producers asked her to, as some people have speculated.

"I think people are going to think that," Rachel said. I am so opinionated and direct, they couldn't make me do anything." While producers can't make her do anything, we did get her to give us her best "Whaboom" impersonation...and it's the cutest thing ever.

Another moment that had people tweeting was Jonathan, a doctor who prefers to be called a "tickle monster," asking Rachel to close her eyes only to tickle her...five seconds after meeting her. 


"I had the hardest laugh of the entire night when he tickled me. Was I caught off guard? Absolutely," Rachel told us. "I'm really, really ticklish, so for him, it worked. It was a bold move, but I mean, I got to know him a little bit after the tickling."

While Rachel was OK with the Whabooms and the occasional tickling, there was one premiere night shenanigan she was not into at all: Adam's Adam Jr. doll.

"It was creepy!" Rachel said. "I told him straight-up I am terrified of your doll! But he was great, so he got a rose."

To hear more from Rachel about the premiere's most memorable limo entrances, and THAT kiss with Bryan, watch our interview with her above. And make sure to watch E! News at 7 and 11 p.m. for even more scoop on the season from the Bachelorette. 

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