Blackish Star Yara Shahidi's Bedroom Just Got a Makeover and It's Amazing!

Designers from Laurel & Wolf set this teen up for success!

By Alanah Joseph May 23, 2017 7:59 PMTags
ESC: Yara Shahidi, BedroomDustin Walker for Laurel & Wolf

Yara Shahidi is just like any other teen—her bedroom is her safe haven.

As she juggles college prep, senior year of high school, homework, chores, her role on Blackish (plus, a potential spinoff with a starring role) and public appearances, this 17-year-old needs a place of refuge more than the average person. "My room is really the center of how I run my personal empire. It's the center of it—the kingdom and the castle," she said.

The actress enlisted help from PBTeen and the Laurel & Wolf online interior design service to create a room fit for a queen...or a Harvard student. The designers prioritized a place to study, while keeping the interiors youthful and lively. The result: a functional, cool-toned space that represents Yara's authenticity and interests.

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"I feel like it's a more mature Yara than my old space," she stated after her décor makeover. "I can choose whether I want to listen to music and get some work done or have a mini dance party or whatever it might be."

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On organization...

"Everything in my life is all over the place so I needed a room where I can not only put everything away that I need to put away but also a room that is a comfortable space to live in."


Decorative Box Tricoa Glass Multi-Colored Square, $14.99


Batting Basket, $12.99

On her love of books...

"And looking around my room you'll see how many hobbies and how many interests I have just from the books alone. If you look in my room right now the books range from a one on Pharrell Williams to James Baldwin essays to a Vonnegut encyclopedia, which is my favorite thing."

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On her desk...

"I also really love the desk as I now have a space to do work. In a given hour it can range from AP Stats to conference calls, so it's really nice to now have a dedicated space for that."


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On setting the mood...

"I have light bulbs that change color so I usually put on some blue light and listen to music," she revealed. "There's something about it that enhances the songs. At one point I used to have playlists on my phone that were titled "Blue," "Yellow," "Pink," etc. - dedicated to songs that were different colors in my head. Because of that, my room has basically become my mini studio in which I don't create music, I just intake it."

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On getting curled up...

"I also love getting curled up and listening to either a podcast or an old radio show until I fall asleep."


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Japiur Rugs

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On vision boards...

"I would say the cork board is one of my favorite pieces. I know that in a matter of days it will be filled because I come from a vision board family and so I feel like cork boards have been the center of our life when it comes to projecting what you want."


Arch Pinboard, Gold, $169


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"It was a room just to basically go to sleep in and then wake up and do other things in. But now, [with the help from Laurel & Wolf], I can LIVE in my room," the actress said. 

It looks like it's time to revamp your space.