Dancing with the Stars Week 10: Who Should Win?

Normani, Rashad, or David? Time to decide!

By Lauren Piester May 23, 2017 2:01 AMTags
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The end of the season has come!

Tomorrow night, we find out who won this season of Dancing with the Stars, and it really could be anybody. That mirrorball trophy could go to pop star Normani Kordei, or football player Rashad Jennings, or baseball player David Ross, especially after they all--as usual--got perfect scores for their final freestyle dances. 

The big question is who should it go to? 

All three have given us some pretty fun numbers over the past season, but not all dances (or scores) are equal. Let's discuss the dances of the night! 

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David Ross and Lindsay Arnold: 33/40 + 40/40 = 73/80

Listen, David's fun. He's fun to watch. He seems nice, and we're very proud of him and the Cubs, and we even enjoyed his baseball dance. But he's not even mildly close to Rashad and Normani in terms of dance skills and that is just a fact that everyone is going to have to live with. He should have come in fourth place, which is a perfectly respectable place to come in! 


Normani Kordei and Val Chmerkovskiy: 38/40 + 40/40 = 78/80

Normani has never not been good, but there is the question of whether she deserves it after clearly coming onto this show with some dance talent. She was up there with Heather Morris in terms of skill at the start, and you know people would be up in arms if Heather had won. 

That said, Normani's incredible and has clearly gone on a beautiful journey this season, so you would hear no complaints from us if she wins tomorrow night. In fact, we'd be cheering and jumping up and down at winning our office pool. We're just considering all the factors here. 


Rashad Jennings and Emma Slater: 40/40 + 40/40 = 80/80

Rashad has also always been pretty good, but his skills were less refined at the beginning of the season. He's improved the most in terms of going from pretty good to very good, and it's clear his confidence has grown too. 

He's maybe half a hair ahead of Normani, but not even really. They're both good! They should both win! 

But really we'd take either one. 

Dancing with the Stars' finale airs tomorrow night at 8:30 pm. on ABC.