Billboard Music Awards 2017 Just Validated Your Favorite Lazy Hairstyles

From ponytails to top knots and more

By Diana Nguyen May 22, 2017 2:29 AMTags

The celebs at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards just did you a major solid.

While fancy updos, romantic curls and intricate braids are the norm at award shows, Sunday night's red carpet proved you can keep it simple and still look like a star. In fact, there were a crop of celebs who wore basic styles that you'd normally do on the way to the gym. Sure, said celebs probably had pro hairstylists behind them, but you can easily re-create these looks whether you have little to no time in the morning, your hair is just being difficult or—let's be honest—you're just too darn lazy to try.

Billboard Music Awards 2017: Best Dressed Stars

Keep scrolling to see stars who are bringing realistic hair trends back. See? We told you they did us a solid.

Kate Beckinsale

The classic, gym-appropriate hairstyle, the ponytail is versatile no matter the occassion. What makes Kate's so pretty? It's messy and voluminous. What does this mean for you? Keep the dry shampoo spraying. 


This is a wake-up-and-go type of hairstyle. Is your hair dirty from yesterday's activities? Good! Apply dry shampoo to volumize your tresses and change the hair part by flipping your hair around throughout the day. You'll have that indie edge in no time. 

Miley Cyrus

Even if your hair is fried, multiple colors or just not working with you, wearing a hat gives the illusion that everything underneath is behaving like it should. For more dimension, add in a micro-braid, like the singer did, to give you that boho feel.

Camila Cabello

If your hair is naturally straight but coarse, the "Bad Things" singer's hairstyle is for you. The more texture you have in your hair, the better, but make sure to tame the fly-aways with a small dollop of hair serum. You don't want to use a product with high alcohol content. 

Lea Michele

Whether you have Lea's stylist, Sarah Potempa, by your side or you're a twist-tie-go type of girl, the top knot looks great in any condition. To get your hair as sleek the actress', part your hair in the center, straighten with flat-iron, smooth fly-aways out with a hair paste and twist up into a knot. Easy-peasy. 

Madison Beer

If your hair is natural curly or wavy, this one might not be for you. However, if you have slick-straight strands, like the actress/singer did at the Billboard Music Awards, you only need to air-dry and go. 


Everyone is shaving it off, from Cara Delevingne and Kristin Stewart to Lupita Nyong'o. Need another reason to aboard this trend train? You literally don't have to do anything to look inherently badass. Lazy looks good on you.

Admit it: This is the validation your everyday hair needed. 

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