Vanessa Hudgens Reveals Her Favorite Memory With Ashley Tisdale—And It Totally Involves High School Musical

2017 Billboard Music Awards co-host also reveals her favorite performers

By Mike Vulpo May 21, 2017 11:06 PMTags
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Some memories are just too magical to forget.

As Vanessa Hudgens prepared to co-host the 2017 Billboard Music Awards with Ludacris, the singer couldn't help but express her excitement at the star-studded night.

In addition, the former High School Musical star was delighted to know close friend Ashley Tisdale would be inside the T-Mobile Arena ready to support her.

During Live From the Red Carpet, E! News' Jason Kennedy revealed the question Ashley had for her BFF before showtime. What's your favorite thing we've done together?

"Probably just fly around the entire world with her. I mean, we were on our High School Musical press tour, and being in a G-5 we're, like, I'm going to have a G-5 one day and I'm going to cover it in Louis Vuitton print and it's going to be gorgeous," Vanessa shared with us. "Her wedding was pretty amazing as well."

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Back in 2006, Vanessa and Ashley became household names as they danced and sang throughout Disney Channel's original movie. Ever since then, the pair has stayed close friends and remained supportive of each other.

Disney aside, Vanessa is more than ready to co-host one of the biggest award shows of the year.

Hours before Nicki Minaj would open up the show, the "Reminding Me" singer teased some of the fun coming soon.

"We did a full run-through earlier," she explained to us. "Definitely took my shoes off and danced for Cher. Definitely sat in the chair holding my heart as it was like breaking and I was falling for Celine Dion. It's been a journey."

As for her latest song with Shawn Hook, Vanessa is thrilled people are loving the new track.

"It's so good. I love it," she explained. "I mean, I'm always singing it's just now the whole world can hear it."

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