Katie Cazorla and Tania Mehra Engage in a Never-Ending War of Words on Second Wives Club

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By Gabi Duncan May 19, 2017 2:59 AMTags
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Round three!

Katie Cazorla and Tania Mehra were the latest club members to face off in Thursday night's episode of Second Wives Club. Shawna Craig was thrown into the middle of her friends' feud as the two ladies continued to bicker and hurl insults back and forth.

"Katie's pissed off at a few of the things that she heard that I said about her," Tania explained. "But really, it was just a conversation. There were no ill feelings behind any of it."

However, Katie didn't take it that way, especially when Tania said she's on a "different level." Their ongoing argument culminated in another confrontation at Tania's boat party.

"We get into Tania's paddle boat and lo and behold Tania starts laying into me," Katie explained, later adding, "Tania's boat party sucked."

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Meanwhile, Veronika Obeng struggled about what to do next in her marriage after finding out about her husband's affair. "I feel like I'm being torn down the middle," she told her sister. "I have no idea what I'm going to say to him."

Although Veronika tried to keep her personal life private, the other women in the club started to suspect something serious was going on after she suddenly changed her Facebook relationship status to "Single."

But when Katie asked her about it, she quickly brushed it off. "It's just a phase," she replied. "I'm just working through a few things is all and at that moment, after a few glasses of wine, that's where I was. I honestly regret posting it because it just garnered way too much attention."

See all of this week's drama from Second Wives Club in the recap video above!