Kaskade's Pool Party Dos and Don'ts: Don't Be the Guy in Elmo Floaties

Because DJs knows a thing or two about getting down in the daytime

By Raleigh Burgan Apr 09, 2018 4:45 PMTags

Whether you're headed to Vegas, Coachella or your friend's backyard, listen up.

With a Las Vegas residency at Hakkasan (which includes spinning at the ever-popular Wet Republic), it's clear Kaskade knows a thing or two about a pool party. Which is why we've asked the DJ to drop some much-needed "darty" (day party) etiquette on us.

"As children, most of us spent delicious summer days splashing in the murky waters of a kiddie pool staring at teenage lifeguards explicit in their authority and tan, movie-star beauty," he divulged. "These moments are likely the reason we continue the pool party as adults. Some people like to splash. Some do not," the pro added. "But there are a few absolutes if you want to crush the experience. So let's dive in with some of my dos and don'ts."

Shall we?

Stars' Swimsuit Style

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The Dos and Don'ts of "Crushing" a Pool Party Like Kaskade

"DON'T pee in the pool. You know this. Live by it."

"DO keep it classy. Nothing says 'I'm overcompensating' like too much hanging out. I'm mostly talking to the guys here. But let's face it, awkward is gender blind. And the sun is shining bright in Vegas at these things."

"DON'T forget to hydrate. Nobody wants a floater in the water. Passing out is very 1990s. It's 2017. Stay awake!"

"DO remember that water is involved! No getting aggressive if you get splashed."

Under-$100 Swimsuits

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"DON'T befriend the guy wearing the Elmo floaties on his arms. Trust me, he's trouble."

"DO get to the party early! Lines are epic, and waterside real estate is king."

"DON'T ask the DJ to play anything you would hear in the Champagne Room. We're getting down daytime style. It's different."

"DO have fun and don't take yourself too seriously. Remember we were all kids once dreaming of days like this. Put on a smile, some sunscreen and a swimsuit. Leave the rest up to your inner child."

Now that you're up to speed, we'll see you in Vegas.