Katy Perry Takes "Bon Appétit" to the Next Level by Serving Up a Slice of Herself to Surprised Museum Guests

The pop singer is the main dish at the Whitney Museum in New York City

By Jamie Bland May 18, 2017 4:52 PMTags

Katy Perry is full of surprises this week. Not only did she announce she will be a judge on the reboot of American Idol, but she also teamed up with Vanity Fair's Derek Blasberg to surprise some patrons of the arts for Derek Does Stuff With a Friend.

The 13-time Grammy nominee and "Bon Appétit" singer was looking mmm-mmm-good as she popped her head out of picnic table to surprise guests at the Whitney Museum in New York City.  

Katy Perry Gets Basted, Kneaded and Served in Skin-Baring (and Slightly Creepy) ''Bon Appétit'' Music Video
Vanity Fair/YouTube

"This is not one of the most unusual situations I've met someone in," Katy said as staff placed fruit around her neck on a serving platter. "Ready to punk some bitches?"

"So, this artist's name is Kathryn Hudson," Derek said as he guided his first group of guests into the installation. (Katy's birth name is Kathryn Hudson). "This is a one-time, site specific installation. It's only happening this afternoon."

Guests entered a small room that displayed a large table covered in a blue check tablecloth. On the table were flowers and fruit with a giant silver dish covered in the middle.

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After one guest was asked to guess what was under the plate cover, she said, "A human hand." The girl nervously laughed as he pulled off the top to reveal a head surrounded by fruit.

Katy kept her eyes shut until one girl asked, "Is she the artist?" Katy opened her eyes and responded, "I sure am." While not everyone had caught on at that point, one girl stood in complete stillness with her eyes and mouth wide open.

Other guests whispered to one another, "Is that Katy Perry?"

"I think I might know who that is," said one guest. "That looks like Katy Perry."

"Buy my new song," Katy said after the unveiling. "It's called 'Bon Appétit.'"

The pop singer has made a number of fun appearances to promote her new single and upcoming album Witness. Last month she surprised guests in Time Square with cherry pies.

Katy will perform singles from her upcoming album on Saturday Night Live's season finale May 20. Her album comes out June 9.