Hosts, they're just like us. Ugly cries and all.

Days after The Bachelor's Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell announced they've called it quits, Chris Harrison tells E! News he was gutted and surprised.

"I was upset like everybody else," Harrison reveals (see the video above). "Because, you know, beside the fact that they're on television, they're real people. And by the way, they're friends of mine and I care about them and I love them very much. … I feel terrible, and they're going through a tough time and they're doing it publicly, which is gonna suck. I reached out and just gave them my best and I'm here for you and I'm a friend. But it's brutal. It sucks."

Given that Ben was arguably the most liked Bachelor of all time (see our highly scientific proof), we had to wonder: Did Chris also work in a mention of whether Ben would consider being the big Bach again?

"I did not think that that would be the appropriate time!" Chris mused. "Or place. The body's not even cold yet. … It's so premature."

We're all about being respectful, and all in due time, etc., but we're also aware of a good ratings opp when we see one—especially with The Bachelor getting its own Winter Games spinoff this February on ABC. Harrison teases it will be a "cold" version of Bachelor in Paradise, timed to the Winter Olympics, with rivals and execs competing in (likely) sports challenges, and of course, more clothes. "But it's gonna be a lot of post-workout hot tub, spa scenes. The rubbing of the sore muscles…" he adds with a laugh.

Ben Higgins, Lauren Bushnell, Chris Harrison, After the Final Rose

Rick Rowell/ABC via Getty Images

Even though in 20 seasons of The Bachelor, the show has only resulted in one bachelor, Sean Lowe, marrying the girl he chose (Jason Mesnick came close by pulling a switcheroo and marrying his runner-up), Harrison remains hopeful about the show's prospects to find true love—while remaining relatable.

"This sounds weird, but that's kind of the beauty of the show in that, this happens. You have two beautiful people who seem perfect for each other and for whatever reason, it doesn't work out. And we all empathize with that, because we've all been there and been through those crappy breakups. "

The Bachelorette premieres this Monday on ABC with Rachel Lindsay. Here's hoping she has better luck.

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