Lawrence is preparing to tell his dad some major news.

This Sunday on What Happens at The Abbey, Lawrence and his best friend Brandi sit down with his dad to tell him they're planning on having a baby together. While they're not a couple, they are best friends and decided they want to start a family together.

"I've asked my father to meet us at The Abbey today because we have to break the news to him that we are gonna be starting our own family," Lawrence explains in the clip above. 

"I am very nervous for Lawrence, I can feel how nervous he is about doing this," Brandi says. "I don't know how Lawrence's father is gonna react. Your son said he was gay, but he's having a baby with a chick, but then the chick's a lesbian…it's all very confusing."

Watch the clip above to see Lawrence prepare to tell his dad the news and then watch this Sunday to see his reaction!

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