Hilary Duff Admits Son Luca's "Basically Bald" Haircut Was an Accident

Blame Mike Comrie, who told her he "might have went a little too short"

By Zach Johnson May 17, 2017 6:05 PMTags
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Accidents happen, as Hilary Duff can attest.

E! News was with the actress in New York City Monday as she promoted the fourth season of Younger, premiering June 28 at 10 p.m. on TV Land. The series shoots on location in Brooklyn, while Hilary is based in L.A. Luckily, her 5-year-old son Luca Comrie has visited her for "pretty long stretches—like 12 days at a time." But, she said, "It's just really hard. I work such crazy hours. On Fridays, we'll work until like 3 in the morning. So, to wake up at 6:30 with him, it's hard. I've been flying back to L.A. almost every weekend, which is nice to just get like two days with him. I just got off a plane from L.A. I got to have Mother's Day with him, which was nice."


While Hilary was away, her ex-husband Mike Comrie was in charge—and that's how Luca got his recent haircut. "His dad shaved all of his hair off!" she laughed. In fairness to Mike, it was a mutual decision. "We discussed it. We're like, 'Let's give him a short summer 'do—like a buzz cut. And then Luca didn't feel like going to get his hair cut, and Mike's like, 'I'm just gonna do it!'" she said. "And then Luca was excited by the thought of his dad cutting his hair. Then he sent me a picture and he was like, 'I might have went a little too short. He's like basically bald.'"

As Hilary told the story, she laughed and told co-star Molly Bernard, "I'm gonna, like cry!"

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After his buzz, Hilary said, Luca was looking at himself the mirror and told his father, "'Dad, I think I miss my golden hair.' And then he felt it and he was like, 'Ooh, but it feels like a peach!'"

There's a lot of laughter in Hilary's household these days.

The actress recently added to her family when she adopted a dog from Love Leo Rescue in L.A. "Luca's obsessed with soccer right now, so all he wants to do is play soccer in the yard. Momo's out there like underneath our feet and Luca's like, 'Careful not to kick the ball by the dog!' He, like, forgets the dog's name is Momo!" she said. "He's like, 'I'm just going to call him Tiny Dog.'"

Initially, Luca wanted to call him "Mr. Doodles," but Hilary nixed that idea. "The dog's name was Mojito, and that was a no-go, so Momo kind of stuck. And then Luca's like, 'I'm going to call it Tiny Dog.' And I'm like, 'Well, what happens when it gets big?' He's like, 'Then I'll call it Big Dog!'" said Hilary, who now owns three dogs. "I'm like, 'But then it's going to get confused!'"

"Very logical," Molly told her giggling co-star. "I love that."

Younger returns June 28 at 10 p.m. on TV Land.