Jimmy Kimmel pulled a fast one on Justin Theroux.

The Leftovers actor was in Texas last week to celebrate his friend Carlos Quirarte's bachelor party. While Theroux was out of town, Kimmel decided to prank his pal. When the actor appeared as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday, the host's epic joke was finally unveiled.

It all began with Kimmel complimenting The Leftovers, now in its third and final season on HBO. "I would say the first season of the show was a good show. The second season, it became a great show. And now in the third season, it's an unbelievably great show," Kimmel began, buttering his guest up. "I want to help with this, because I feel like it's just one of these shows that people need to catch up to—start and watch and enjoy the whole thing. So, you're in Texas, as we mentioned. I know you're nervous, but I don't want you to be nervous, because this is going to be funny. This is a great idea, OK? Your wife, Jennifer Aniston, helped me out."

Justin Theroux


Theroux, who drives a black Mercedes, received a "recall notice" before his trip.

"There was nothing wrong with the car," Kimmel confessed. "While you were gone, we got the keys to your car. It was not being repaired. There's nothing wrong with the drive shaft. What we did was—because I feel like HBO could be doing a better job of promoting this for you—we had some experts adorn your car in a way that I think is going to bring you a lot of attention."

Kimmel had the camera pan outside to Hollywood Blvd. so Theroux could see the car it all its glory. One side featured a painting of a naked Theroux slithering out of the bathtub in Season 2, while the other side featured a photo from the November 2016 issue of Men's Health and a 2017 Emmys campaign slogan: "Justin Time for the Emmy Nominations." The hood of the car featured a shirtless paparazzi photo of Theroux along with the phrase: "I'd Eat These Leftovers."

"This is what people will see as you drive around town. We even went so far as to put a hood ornament on the car," Kimmel told him, pointing out the Emmy award. "Keep going around so we can see the whole thing there—I want everybody to see every bit of what's going on there!"

Emmy nomination voting will begin June 12, and the nominees will be announced July 13. Stephen Colbert will host the show on CBS, live from the Microsoft Theater in L.A. Sept. 17.

After the episode, Theroux posed next to the car and posted it on Instagram. "Never give @jimmykimmel the keys to your car," he wrote. "#humbledouched #doucheybrag #thanks?"

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