Pay Attention to Tracee Ellis Ross' Style—Here's Why

There's so much for us to learn

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There's a side to Tracee Ellis Ross you haven't yet gotten to know.

This you're familiar with: She stands for originality and female empowerment—and she'll say it with more than just a kickass graphic tee (though we're pretty fond of this one). Most recently, the actor partnered with pain relief brand Motrin to help launch their #WomanInProgress campaign spreading the word that, "Pain: We need to change our relationship to it."

This you're probably unfamiliar with (though it's not new information): Her style is so much more than the clothes she wears; transcending all generations, inspiring all ages and, as a result, setting new fashion standards for all of Hollywood.

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"I've always been that person. I've always loved clothes," Tracee told E!. "I've always been ‘the girl caught in mommy's closet.' And I do come by it honestly; I am born of a legacy of glamour, but for me, clothing was my armor and my protection growing up. It was one of the ways I really found and learned that I was first presented to the world. And it evolved into more than that." As we can see from her Instagram, which is becoming one continuous scroll of outfit inspiration.

Though, of course, being born to one Diana Ross is evidence enough that true style was engraved in your DNA, long before becoming the Black-ish star you know and love, Tracee worked as a stylist. Perfecting her innate fashion chops (and yet another reason why her closet is so enviable).

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It's one thing to wear an amazing outfit (really, anyone with a talented stylist can do that), but a complete other thing to truly appreciate the real confidence a killer pair of pink trousers, heels and a Kenzo tee can summon. Tracee's understanding and knowledge of designers, tailoring and, just generally, how clothes fit is what sets her apart from the rest. Not to mention each ensemble is always expertly curated—usually complete with some variation of yellow gold hoops.

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When we asked about any main influences, she confessed, "I'll be honest, one of my best friends—I have like four bestie girlfriends—and one of them is Samira Nasr, who's the fashion director at ELLE (we're almost twins, we're very similar looking). She might be one of my main fashion/style icons. We dress different, but not. And if she says I should get something, I'd be like, "OK." No questions asked.

Tracee added, "When I feel like I've put together a great outfit—like the outfit I have with my jeans and my Dries [Van Noten] boots recently—I literally wanted to write in there, 'I'm dressed like Samira today.'"

Now sit back, hit "follow" and take detailed notes because her page is an endless scroll of style inspiration.