Once Upon a Time Finale: How Did It All End...And What's Coming Next?

Nothing makes sense but somehow everything makes sense.

By Lauren Piester May 15, 2017 2:34 AMTags

Once Upon a Time may have been renewed for a seventh season, but it's safe to say whatever comes next will look nothing like the show we've come to know and love. It might, however, feel pretty similar.

After giving pretty much everyone a happy ending/beginning and only having to kill off the Black Fairy, OUAT essentially started the series from the beginning, but with a twist. Henry is now an adult (played by The Walking Dead's Andrew J. West, a dead ringer for Jared Gilmore) who has forgotten that fairy tales are real, and it's up to his daughter (played by Alison Fernandez) to convince him of the truth. 

Throughout the episode, without knowing who we were watching, we saw Henry send his daughter away with the storybook and then having some evil thing burst through his door. When his daughter returned, it looked like their house had exploded. Later, we saw her riding a monorail through Seattle to find her dad. That's how season six (and the show as we know it) ended, and honestly it could make for a pretty cool season seven. 

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As for everyone else, they lived happily ever after, for now. 

Rumple was the one who had to kill his mother and break the curse—which had put Emma in a mental hospital without the knowledge of magic or fairy tales being real & sent her family back to the Enchanted Forest—and then Emma had to go up against Gideon, who had been ordered to kill her. He did kill her for a second, but a true love's forehead kiss from Henry saved the day, and even turned Gideon back into a baby, so his parents can raise him right this time. 

According to a nice little montage, Snow and Charming were living happily on a farm, and Snow was teaching with the help of some birds. Sheriff Emma and Deputy Killian were policing the town together in her bug, and Henry was going to school like a normal child. Regina's office got "queen" added to it, thanks to the dwarves. Even in the wish realm, the Evil Queen got a ring and an offer for adventure from Robin. At the very end, everyone in Storybrooke got together at Granny's for big family dinner, and suddenly their dinner/Last Supper reenactment was just a page in Henry's daughter's storybook on the monorail. 


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There were no clues as to how Rumple could return to the series without Belle, or Killian without Emma. Will it be Regina or the Evil Queen who shows up in season seven? Will people have died? Doesn't it feel kind of rude to give us such a happy ending that we know it can't last? 

We've got so many questions and so much time to think about it before the series returns. Are we excited about continuing the series without Ginnifer Goodwin, Josh Dallas, Jennifer Morrison, Jared Gilmore, Emilie de Ravin, and Rebecca Mader? No. Are we kind of excited to see this story with grown up Henry and his adorable daughter? Yes. Do we feel very torn about everything going on here? You bet. 

Please share your own thoughts in the comments below! 

Once Upon a Time will return to ABC.