19 Beauty Products to Help You Celebrate National Women's Health Week

Your body will thank you!

By Alanah Joseph May 15, 2017 12:00 PMTags
ESC: Jessica AlbaLaura Cavanaugh/FilmMagic

Happy National Women's Health Week! 

It's time to celebrate the female body! That's right, you (or the women in your life) finally have the perfect excuse to unapologetically pamper yourself. We're talking spa days, bubble baths, facials—the works! Now is the time to shine. 

Part of treating the body right includes using the highest quality, natural products. The formulas you put on your skin have just as much impact as what you eat. Natural-based ingredients are like the fruits and veggies skin needs to be its most radiant. Just ask Jessica Alba, who started Honest Beauty for those reasons. 

Close your eyes and think about all of the products you use. Is your beauty regime really making you healthier?

Best Beauty Products of Spring 2017

If you aren't sure what exactly you're putting on your skin, now is the time to change up your beauty routine. Take a look below for our favorite vitamin-infused, mineral-based or natural products that your body will thank you for.

Protect your skin on those hot summer days with this coconut-based mineral sunscreen!
Coconut Probiotic Mineral Sunscreen Spray, SPF 50, $15.99
Beuti Skincare

With fourteen plant oils, minerals and vitamins, this face oil fights wrinkles, blemishes and puffy skin. This is how to give your skin sweet dreams.
Beauty Sleep Elixir Facial Oil, $65

Honest Beauty

You don't have to sacrifice glamour for products that are good for you. This palette is a prime example.
Falling For You Makeup Palette, $35


You've never seen quinoa like this before! The superfood is rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals. All of which are also great for the skin. 
Quinoa De-Puffing & Firming Eye Cream, $39


If you're looking for natural beauty products, you can always count on coconut oil. This hair product smells great and locks in moisture.
Renpure Coconut Crème Co-Wash Cleansing Conditioner, $8.99

100% Pure

This vegan mascara uses dark tea leaves for its dark pigment and nutrients that condition the lashes.
Maracuja Mascara: Dark Chocolate, $25

The Body Shop

This liquid peel has 60x the vitamin C of an orange, fighting against pollutants and blemishes.
Vitamin C Glow Revealing Liquid Peel, $23


This oil decreases scarring and stretch marks without any harmful ingredients.
Certified Organic Rosehip Oil, $19.65


This nude polish acts as a treatment for your nail beds, moisturizing and protecting. This is the perfect product to wear in between gel or acrylic manicures.
Barely Blush BB Crème All In 1 Nail Treatment, $11.29


Did you know that matcha green tea is also good for your skin? The formula detoxes the skin, minimizing pores.
Aquadefense Matcha Detox Mask, $38


De-stress your skin with this mineral-based night cream. Live in a city with air pollution? This formula detoxifies this skin, leaving your skin radiant the next morning.
Mineral Radiance Overnight De-Stressing Cream, $55


This lip treatment offers the color of a lipstick and the nourishing ingredients of a lip balm. It's the best of both worlds!
Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15, $24


It may seem like a risk to swap your favorite drugstore deodorant for an all-natural alternative, but considering where you put deodorant, you may want to consider it.
Lavender Tea Tree Deodorant Stick, $21

Tree Hut

Fortified with natural botanicals, this daily moisturizer protects the skin from damaging UV rays.
Protecting Daily Moisturizer, $14.99


These mineral-based eyeshadows are Emma Watson-approved.
Sunset Beach, $20

Tata Harper

This treatment uses a blend of natural copper, zinc, and magnesium to get rid of redness and blemishes.
Clarifying Spot Treatment, $32

Zea Skin Solutions

Paprika peppers are the main ingredient of this skin product. The system includes a serum and a dietary product to reduce wrinkles.
Radiant Skin 30-Day Anti-Aging System, $129 


This detoxifying mask will help rid the skin of impurities.
Face Mask, $6

Ecco Bella

This vitamin-enriched, all-natural cleanser removes makeup and bacteria without stripping the skin of moisture—perfect for dry or sensitive skin.

Natural Deep Cleansing Gel, $31.95

Enjoy the week by celebrating your natural radiance!