Tyler Henry Connects With Whitney Houston, Tells Bobby Brown ''People Don't Know'' How Much ''Heart Issue'' Affected Her Before Death

See what happens in this shocking clip from the E! show

By Jess Cohen May 11, 2017 11:30 PMTags
Watch: Tyler Henry Makes Contact With the Late Whitney Houston

"I have a woman coming through, having me talk about her heart."

Tyler Henry connects Bobby Brown to his ex-wife, the late Whitney Houston, on Wednesday's episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry. In this clip from the episode, Tyler tells Bobby that a woman is coming through who is having him talk about her heart.

"And this is very clear in the way that this comes through, she's very insistent to acknowledge, no matter how I died I need them to know the heart, I need them to know the heart," Tyler says. "And there's a feeling of having a susceptibility to a heart arrhythmia and also having a susceptibility just to a heart issue."

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Tyler continues, "But I can distinctly tell there are other aspects to this passing. People talking about this or discussing this heart thing, but it's something else. It's like, or I die of something else or people think I die of something else."

He then tells Bobby, "And there's just an emphasis on basically saying like, people don't know the full picture of how...to what extent this really affected me."

When asked if there have been "recent discussions" about someone having a "heart condition," Bobby tells Tyler, "Yeah, my ex-wife."

Take a look at the clip above to see Tyler and Bobby discuss Whitney's heart and death. And then watch Hollywood Medium this Wednesday to see what else is revealed about the late Hollywood icon!