iZombie Boss Rob Thomas Gives Us 12 Things to Know After "Some Like It Hot Mess"

Major sadness is headed our way.

By Lauren Piester May 10, 2017 2:00 AMTags
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Damn you, Blaine DeBeers! 

After last week's emotional trauma with Major (Robert Buckley) believing he was about to lose his memory—not to mention all those weeks of playing pretend and wooing Peyton (Aly Michalka)—the revelation that Blaine (David Anders) has been faking the memory loss this whole time stung particularly hard. 

Ravi's (Rahul Kohli) cure has always worked, save for a couple days at the beginning where memories start to get a bit hazy, but Blaine saw an opportunity to become a changed man, thereby preventing Ravi from using the cure on all his zombie friends.


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The reveal came only after Major had spent time making amends—writing letters to his friends (including one tear-stained one to Ravi) and even visiting his mother, who he hadn't seen in the years since she came out as gay. And it was almost in time for even Liv (Rose McIver) to be cured (and eat all the ice cream), until Ravi discovered that all the syringes had been stolen. Prime suspects include Blaine, for obvious reasons, and Don E. (Bryce Hodgson), who had a customer willing to hand over his trust fun in exchange for the cure. 

As for Peyton, she's obviously pissed, and pretty much done with Blaine forever, despite how beautiful(ish) their brief relationship was. 

And now, says executive producer Rob Thomas, Blaine's not only back to his old villainous self, but he's a villain with a broken heart. 

We got on the phone with Thomas to find out everything we need to know after tonight's enlightening episode: 

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1. Blaine truly cares about Peyton, and if it weren't for Major taking the cure, he could have carried on for a while. 

"[Blaine] knew that they would shortly figure out that the cure did not cause permanent memory loss," Thomas says. "So he confesses to Peyton hoping that she does, as she said, care enough that she doesn't even know if it would matter to her if he were lying. And it's Peyton armed with what Ravi said to her, warning her that Don E said that Blaine was faking, and she's sort of testing him there. And Blaine does confess and the one thing that I can say that I think people should take Blaine at his word on is that he cares about Peyton. And I, in my heart of hearts, believe that he was, in fact, excited about this new life he was living as a non-criminal. I think Blaine would have been happy to be with Peyton and not be a criminal and he could have gone on like that for a good bit of time." 

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2. That scene at the end with Blaine making a batch of Ravi's blue memory juice was meant to say the old Blaine is back.

"Once it becomes clear, once Peyton makes it clear that she tricked him and is not interested in him and is horrified by what he has done, I think Blaine will revert to form," Thomas says. "And that scene at the end when he's making Ravi's blue juice was put there for a couple reasons. One, we're going to have fun with Blaine and blue juice. And two, it was there as an indicator that Blaine is going to go back to his old ways. It's everything Blaine always was, and brokenhearted." 

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3. The blue juice is very important to the rest of the season. 

"You're gonna learn! It's gonna be fun!" Thomas says of what exactly Blaine is going to do with the juice. "We're going to have a lot of fun with blue juice. We probably talked about that blue juice brain as much as anything in the writers' room in season three." 

4. Peyton will continue to have doubts about the dominatrix case.

"At the end of the dominatrix case, the guy they bring in seems to just give up immediately, and we wanted that to strike people as a little odd, and in this episode 306, it does strike Peyton as odd," Thomas tells us. "And she is going to start pulling at some threads there and she's going to become very suspicious, even though she's supposed to be the prosecutor, she's going to come to not believe her own case. And as she starts pulling at some threads, she will discover new stuff. We didn't want Peyton just to be there as an object of male affection. We wanted to give Peyton her own storyline, her own involvement in the mythology, and that's sort of what happens when she starts pulling back the layers of that case." 


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5. Major's dream of a future with Liv will not come true, at least not any time soon. 

"When Major's in Walla Walla, and he has a moment where he realizes wait a minute, I'm not losing my memory, it's all coming back to me, which means that the cure works, which means that Liv can take the cure, and we can live happily ever after. And so you know, he comes back through that door and he grabs Liv and he kisses her, and he is so excited that maybe now, finally, he can have the life that he was expecting all the way back before Liv became a zombie, so you know, it's shattering in this moment," Thomas says. "Now they know that she's still a zombie, she's going to remain a zombie, and they're right back to where they were last year. And they did give it a go, and it didn't work, and so you know, we're not going to have them try that again, so it's a heartbreaking moment for Major who had gotten his hopes up." 

6. In fact, Major's dream of being with Liv gets even sadder when you know that Liv's heart wasn't in the same place. 

"Liv, you know, believing that she was going to remain a zombie when they had their tryst always sort of had in mind that it was one last fling," Thomas explains. "He's going to become human and become a new person who I don't even know. She thought that when they slept together it was one last time for the good times and so I don't think her heart…she never became fully invested in that relationship moving forward." 

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7. Natalie [Uma Voss] will return this season, especially since Major gave her a dose of the cure.

...And that's all the info Thomas would give us about that.

8. We will not find out who stole the cure this season. 

"In the next episode, Liv and Ravi are going to interview both Blaine and Don E., the two most likely suspects," Thomas says. "And they can't prove anything, and that mystery kind of hangs over the back half of the season, and the plan was to answer that question in the season finale, but we ran out of space in the season finale, so it didn't make it into the episode. So Liv and Ravi are going to look into it, but they won't get an answer for quite some time." 

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9. The cure is on hold, but for good reason. 

"Scientifically, Ravi is going to move in a new direction at the end of the season," Thomas shares. "He's going to have an idea for something else that could be done and he's going to move into a different direction. The truth is, I think he's always going to be trying to cure Liv and other zombies, but as most people probably realize, on a show called iZombie, by the time Liv gets a cure, hopefully we're doing the emotional farewell episode. So I hope that we don't find that cure anytime soon." 

10. Major is going to continue to be sad. 

"Major is now a human who works for a zombie military contractor, and that is a problem," Thomas explains. "It's the place where he now feels at home. Like those are his people. Those are soldiers he's gone into battle with. Those are people who don't judge him for being accused of being the Chaos Killer. And so he does not want to leave them. He likes it there. But at some point, that will come to a head." 

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11. New love interests are coming. 

"Several of our characters will get new love interests before the end of the season," Thomas teases. 

12. Two major mysteries will take focus over the rest of the season. 

"Of course, who killed Wally's family, that mystery hangs over everything, and then you know, the big mystery introduced in 301, or really in the final episode of last season: Is Fillmore Graves to be trusted? And when humans start figuring out there are zombies among them, whose side is Liv going to be on? Those questions will all be asked right up until the end of the season." 

iZombie airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on the CW.