Nice to see you, Barb!

Turns out the Stranger Things character is alive and well, as we discovered thanks to the 2017 MTV Movie & TV Awards

After Allison Williams tapped three times on a teacup and sent host Adam DeVine to Get Out's The Sunken Place, the comedian went a little too far and landed in the Upside Down, where Barb was lounging unexpectedly. 

"I've been here since the '80s!" she quipped. Fortunately, she wasn't slayed by the Demogorgon—she was being seduced!  

"We've made it our home," Barb said. In fact, the two looked like they were about to turn up the heat with some wine before DeVine rudely interrupted. 

As for how they all got there, Barb had an explanation.

"Did you smoke weed recently?" she asked the comedian. "When you're teacup hypnotized and super high, you go down one level deeper."

We missed you, Barb!

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