8 TV Shows That Could Get Canceled—and the Odds They'll Survive

New Girl, Chicago Justice and a bunch of other shows have yet to be renewed or canceled...find out if they will survive the upcoming cut

By Tierney Bricker May 11, 2017 4:10 PMTags
Chicago Justice, New Girl, 24CW; FOX

It's time to play the waiting game. 

While CBS renewed 18 of its shows, ABC picked up the TGIT line-up and NBC handed out a huge two-season renewal to This Is Us, not every broadcast show was so lucky this TV season.

In fact, there are dozens of series still waiting to hear if they've been picked up or canceled in the most stressful time of the year for the TV industry (aka the two weeks leading up to the Upfront presentations in New York City, beginning on May 15).

Start those prayer circles and Twitter trends, people, it's go-time!



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While there are some shoo-ins that have yet to be officially picked up, many decisions will come down to the fire and we apologize to our nails in advance for how much we will be gnawing on them in the near future.

Some of the biggest shows on the chopping block include  Quantico and New Girl, with 24: Legacy and Chicago Justice also awaiting pick-up news.

New Girl (Fox)

We're torn, as we want to see more of the loft shenanigans but the season six finale was a perfect ending

Quantico (ABC)

Is the power of Priyanka enough (and some pretty darn good DVR playback numbers) to prevail? We shall soon see...

Chicago Justice (NBC)

The only Chicago show NBC has yet to renew is its newest offering. Could the Chicago empire have reached its limit?

Elementary (CBS)

Sherlock and Watson may have closed their final case on CBS, as a renewal isn't looking likely. 

Code Black (CBS)

It's never a good sign when CBS renews 18 shows and you're not one of them...even after you add Rob Lowe to the cast.

Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders (CBS)

While the original Criminal Minds has been renewed, the spinoff is still awaiting the network's verdict. 

24: Legacy (Fox)

Despite not having Jack Bauer to save the day, it's looking like the reboot will receive a second season, given that its demo rating is one of the network's strongest. 

Scream Queens (Fox)

If Ryan Murphy's campy horror-comedy should return for a third season, it will likely be with a new cast, as Lea Michele has signed on for a new ABC pilot. 

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Which shows are you hoping survive the upcoming cancellations? Sound off in the comments!

(Originally published on Friday, May 5, 2017 at 9:45 am PT)