We Seriously Can't Get Over This This Us Us-Themed Wedding Shoot

Photographer Karen Rainer brought the NBC show to life

By Kendall Fisher May 04, 2017 9:41 PMTags
This Is Us WeddingKaren Rainier

For all you hopeless romantics who forever crave a love like Jack and Rebecca Pearson's in This Is Us, one photographer just made some of your dreams come true.

Karen Rainier is just as obsessed with the NBC show as we are, so she decided to create a This Is Us-themed wedding shoot in honor of the adorable on-screen couple.

"I have been obsessed with the show This Is Us since the first episode premiered," Karen wrote on her blog. "I am a bit of a TV junkie, and I had been trying to think of a completely unique wedding inspiration shoot that hadn't been done yet. Then I saw the episode of This Is Us where Jack and Rebecca get married and it hit me right then and there that I had to do it."

Going Behind the Scenes of This Is Us With the Adorable Cast

Karen admitted the whole thing took quite a bit of planning, which is evident in the photos.

She left no stone unturned, from the small details like finding a court house that looked similar to the one in which the TV couple got married to collecting accessories like Rebecca's moon necklace and the lucky Pittsburgh Steelers towel

Karen Rainier

"At first, I was unsure because the details were a little difficult to gather," she admitted. "Compared to some pop culture inspired shoots (think Harry Potter) where there are so many things to reference, styling this took a LOT of time and research to get everything just right!"

But she managed to do it! The next obstacle: figuring out the perfect models.

"In order for this shoot to be impactful and truly reference the show in the way I wanted, I needed a real life Jack and Rebecca look-alike couple," Karen explained. "I started to think maybe I should move on because the chances of finding a couple that resembled them would be impossible."

Karen Rainier

After sending a few messages around, a friend put her in contact with the models and real-life couple, Peter and Emily

"I could NOT believe my luck when they said they were 100% game for it," she recalled with excitement. "And crazily enough, they had just moved out of their apartment and it was empty for an entire month! So it seemed like the shoot was meant to be. We had an empty apartment just like in the anniversary scene."

Cue the twinkly lights!

"Peter and Emily's natural connection and adorable romance made them the perfect real life Jack and Rebecca," Karen concluded. "Now that I have done this shoot, I guess I can claim my true fan-girl status for all things This Is Us."

We're fan-girling out with you, Karen...Bravo!