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Oprah Winfrey is rich. Like, really rich. No really, we mean crazy rich.

This is no secret. This is old news, in fact. But when was the last time you sat down and thought about how she lives? Thought about how much money she really has? To start, she is currently worth $2.9 billion. According to Forbes, she is the second richest woman in America, counting only those who have self-made fortunes. She owns the television company OWN, of course, as well as Weight Watchers, which brought in over $1 billion last year. 

She's America's first black woman to become a billionaire, a fact that is equal parts impressive and frustrating in its tardiness. She has enough money to fund OWN entirely out of her own pocket for the next two decades. She's worth more than several small countries. If you laid out her fortune in cash it would weigh 60,000 pounds. It's almost impossible to be jealous, because her life is just too fabulous to fathom. 

The media mogul spends a lot of her time working hard at taking over the world, but she also manages in plenty of opportunities to spend that hard-earned money. One of her most lucrative hobbies is real estate. Winfrey owns a lot of fabulous homes. 

First is a 23,000-square-foot home in Montecito, a tony enclave outside of already-tony Santa Barbara, that she bought for $50 million back in 2004. (Let's all take a moment to imagine how much $50 million was 14 years ago.) The house was so lavish that she actually ended up shelling out to hire a team of architects and designers to give it a makeunder

Then comes her other Montecito compound—because why own one hillside southern California mansion when you can own two? She acquired this property a few years ago, and it's decidedly more rustic than the first. But before you picture a quaint little cabin in the woods, just know that it's actually a 23-acre horse farm that cost $28 million. 

For her vacation purposes, Winfrey escapes to Maui, where she has a 163-acre property with a beautifully renovated farmhouse on the property, or to Jackson Hole, where she has a $14 million abode complete with a treetop fire pit, whatever the heck that means. 

But what good is a bevy of beautiful mansions at your disposal if you can't escape them to an even nicer locale? (No good, that's what.) Enter Oprah Winfrey's enviable vacations. 

There's no way that a person can put on the daily grind that the media mogul does without occasionally pressing pause to recharge, and that's exactly what she does, to an impressive degree. Most of her vacations are done in tandem with her BFF and permanent travel partner, Gayle King (Winfrey's partner Stedman Graham keeps a decidedly lower profile than Gayle).

They've toured Italy, stopping to pick truffles in Umbria and go wine tasting in Tuscany and to meet the Italian premier. They've gone clubbing in Ibiza with will.i.am and music industry legend Jimmy Iovine. 

Oprah herself has taken her entire staff on a vacation-turned-retreat to her Maui estate. And, perhaps most fabulous of all, a recent trip to Tahiti with the Obamas, Tom Hanks and Bruce Springsteen, which was topped off by cruises on David Geffen's luxury yacht. Don't ever tell Oprah she doesn't know how to let loose. 

With her decades-long career owning a media agency and hosting a talk show, her giant bank account, her homes and her vacations, it's hard to think about what could be left for Winfrey to dominate. As it turns out, she's started a new chapter and has turned her attention to dominating Hollywood. It's the perfect plan, really: When you're not in it for the money, a person can pick and choose from their passion projects and work to bring stories that they think are important to the big screen. 

Winfrey of course is no stranger to Tinseltown, having dabbled in producing and acting in everything from Lee Daniels' The Butler to Selma, but she's been turning to Hollywood with full force as of late. It all started with a gig as executive producer of the scripted television series Queen Sugar, which follows a set of siblings in a dispute over a family-owned sugarcane farm. The series aired on her eponymous network, but it was a bit of gateway drug, if you will. 

Next up was an acting gig in the HBO film The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, for which she also served as EP and which recounts the real-life story of an African-American woman who was used as an unwilling participant in medical studies (Winfrey plays her daughter, Deborah, who is determined to right the injustice). And next spring audiences will see her starring in the big screen adaptation of A Wrinkle in Time, which recently shot in New Zealand alongside Reese Witherspoonand Mindy Kaling

The flick was directed by none other than Ava DuVernay, who told E! News shortly after wrap time that while Winfrey was a fantastic addition to the cast, perhaps her most valuable contribution was the epic party she threw for the entire crew, where she served up the margaritas herself. [Ed note: How do we get in on that?]

Winfrey herself raved about the filming experience, telling E! that it was "one of the greatest experiences of her career." It seems that the acting bug really set in, as it was just announced that she'll be starring in a reboot of Terms of Endearment. Billionaire or not, Oprah isn't slowing down anytime soon. 

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