The Voice Judges Alicia Keys and Blake Shelton Share Their Mother's Day Plans

With Mother's Day just around the corner, these celebs are getting ready!

By Alana Moskowitz May 02, 2017 8:37 PMTags
Watch: Alicia Keys & Blake Shelton Reveal Mother's Day Plans

Alicia Keys and Blake Shelton are gearing up for Mother's Day!

The competition on The Voice is really heating up, and we can't wait to hear the results for the top 11 contestants (fingers crossed for our faves)! Season 12 has already been one of the show's most exciting, helped of course by the mutual girl crush between the "Falling" singer and Gwen Stefani, as well as appearances from mega-stars like Shania Twain.

E! News decided to save the drama for your mama, catching up with the two superstar coaches at the red carpet for The Voice's Top 11 to find out what they've got planned for Sunday.

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"No One" is a bigger fan of Mother's Day than the R&B singer.

Keys shared that her husband, Swizz Beatz, is insanely good at surprise gifts. "He does like, major things for Mother's Day. Like, I get him a beautiful jacket or something like that and he comes and there's a car! Damn babe!" the star told E! News.

That said, the singer says she'd be perfectly happy with a more low-key holiday this year.

"What I really would love is for us to just have time together because our schedules are both very busy. The most important thing is for us to just always connect and that's what I'm really hoping for," she said, adding "I'm sure I'll get what I want."

Maybe it's just in our heads, but we totally thought we could hear "If I Ain't Got You" playing in the background.

The country crooner also has some laidback plans for Mother's Day.

The "God Gave Me You" singer shared that he's going to do some yard work for his mother. Or, at least we think that's what he means!

The country singer revealed he "was thinking of doing some weed eating or something like that."

"Weed eating? Like what kind of weed?" Keys interjected, asking the question that was obviously on all of our minds.

"Just whatever's growing up around the hedges," the Nashville native clarified, "But I guess I could eat some weed — I don't know if Mom will wanna eat with me!"

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