The Flash, I Know Who You Are

The CW

The day has finally come to learn the truth about The Flash's latest big bad, but that means it's also time for Team Flash to go up against one of their own. 

Killer Frost is officially on the loose, and she's the only person who knows who Savitar is. She's also working for him, and she'll stop at nothing to stop her former friends from succeeding at their own mission to find the physicist who will eventually help stop the god of speed. 

In fact, tonight's episode apparently comes with a showdown of epic proportions. 

"You're going to see her come at Team Flash with guns a'blazing," Danielle Panabaker told us when we hopped on the phone with her. "She's going to throw everything she's got at them in an effort to win." 

The Flash, I Know Who You Are

The CW

According to Panabaker, the episode, titled "I Know Who You Are," will show us a whole new side of Killer Frost and her powers. But if you're waiting for Caitlin to return and for Killer Frost to be defeated, that's just not going to happen anytime soon. 

"The way it was explained to me is that Killer Frost lives inside of Caitlin, sort of post-Flashpoint," Panabaker explains. "She's constantly battling and trying to get out, so obviously they gave her the metahuman cuffs and the necklace to keep the evil Killer Frost suppressed inside of Caitlin, but you know, they had to take the necklace off in an effort to save Caitlin's life, but they sort of cursed Caitlin by letting Killer Frost run free, so I don't think Killer Frost is going to disappear anytime soon. I think she's really excited to be free." 

Since Killer Frost and Caitlin still have the same memories, Team Flash will obviously try to appeal to all sides of their former friend. 

"I think over the next few episodes you're going to see different members of Team Flash try to reach out and try to connect to Caitlin and see if they can bring her back," she says. "I think there's a little bit of a tug there, but Killer Frost is strong, and she's ready to be here." 

Her arc won't be resolved by the end of the season in any real way, Panabaker says. 

"I think that both Caitlin and Killer Frost have an interesting journey ahead of them, and I think we get some time to see that play out both at the end of the season and hopefully going into season four." 

The Flash, I Know Who You Are

The CW

Killer Frost was set free when Caitlin nearly died while the villain Abra Kadabra was escaping Star Labs. Caitlin said she would rather die than unleash her evil side, but Julian (Tom Felton) just couldn't let that happen. He and Cisco (Carlos Valdes) struggled with what to do, but Julian ultimately removed Caitlin's necklace, bringing her back to life as Killer Frost. 

That decision that Julian and Cisco fought over will "absolutely" be something they wrestle with throughout the rest of the season. 

"I mean, the consequence of their decision is that Killer Frost has sort of been let loose," Panabaker says. "I think that particularly between those two guys, that's going to be a tough dynamic for them, because they still have to work on Team Flash but I think Cisco is not thrilled with Julian's choice." 

And it's not just Julian and Cisco who are at odds.

"I think Team Flash is really fractured," she says. "I think they're all really struggling without Caitlin and without having the answers of who Savitar is, and how they're going to take him down, and how they're going to save Iris' life." 

The Flash, I Know Who You Are

The CW

As for who Savitar is, it sounds like the answer won't disappoint. 

"I'm excited for people to find out who Savitar is. I feel like it's taken Team Flash a little bit longer to figure this one out than it has with other villains," Panabaker says. "Hopefully, it elicits a reaction where people are shocked and surprised, but also like, oh of course, why didn't I see that coming?" 

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on the CW. 

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