Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's first family therapy session had a huge revelation. 

Frank Jr. "Maximo" Sorrentino, The Situation's older brother, revealed he came out as gay to his family last year during the premiere episode of WE tv's Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition on Friday. 

And while Marc Sorrentino seemed to possibly have an issue with Maximo's revelation, calling his brother a "frail male," Mike told E! News he has no problem with his brother's sexuality. 

"The first time that he had come out of the closet, I bought him, like, a plaque, Mike said. "I think it was, like, 'I'm proud you're yourself' or whatever it was. I celebrated the first minute that it happened. I think that deep down inside, he's not comfortable with it himself possibly. As per the family, the family accepted him right away."

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During the episode, Maximo said he wanted his brothers to understand him and give him the respect he feels he deserves. Mike, however, said he felt Maximo doesn't know who he is, telling him, "You need to know as a man who you are and you don't." (They use his decision to change his name from Frank Jr. to Maximo as an example of him not knowing himself.)

Speaking to that point, Mike told E! News, "I want him to be himself, desperately, and from my point of view…sometimes I feel like he goes back and forth sometimes."

Mike, who previously appeared on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars with girlfriend Lauren Pesce, is hoping the process works for his brothers.

"Me personally, I've been through the therapy process a number of times and believe it works," the 34-year-old Jersey Shore star said. "I wanted my brothers to experience it and have it work for them, too." 

To hear more from Mike about MBCRSFE, watch our interview with him above. 

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition airs Fridays at 9 p.m on WE tv. 

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