Yep, you're going to have to try this...

Last night on The Late Late Show with James Corden, the talk show host decided to try out a new app. No, it's not for dating or Instagram stalking (brb, downloading)—it's called FaceApp, and it seems like everyone is using it! The app takes a photo and transforms it into different versions of the subject: young, old, hot—you name it!

Check out some of these hilarious celeb FaceApp masterpieces!

Celebs Play With FaceApp

"It seems like every time I go on Instagram, there's endless photos of people using this thing called FaceApp—have you seen it?" the British talk show host began.

"Well I tried to hold out as long as I could, but today, I finally did it and I thought I'd share my results with you tonight."

The pictures were about as absurd as you'd expect.

The late-night star tested out a number of different settings—young, old, and female. "Here's me on tour with the Dixie Chicks!" Corden joked, pulling up a picture of himself with lush blonde curls.

Celebs Play With FaceApp

But the FaceApp trend isn't limited to The Late Late Show!

This Jonas Brother is fresh off the heels of his apparently epic Coachella, but clearly the fun doesn't stop there.

DNCEfrontman, Joe Jonascouldn't resist the draw of the silly photo app either, sharing pictures of himself old, young, and as a girl to his Instagram story.

The Jo Bro had a little better results—the "Cake By the Ocean" singer's brows manage to remain on fleek through every transition.

Celebs Play With FaceApp

Still waiting on the new Young Sheldon Big Bang Theory spin-off? The comedian gave us a sneak preview...sort of.

The star decided to give the face altering app a try too, trying out old, young, and female filters!

Jim Parsons shared his photos to Instagram, where fans and celebs like Mindy Kalingweighed in with likes and comments.

We've gotta say—the actor looks totally believable in every pic. In fact, even he noticed the resemblance between himself and his sister!

Celebs Play With FaceApp

Amy Schumertried out FaceApp too, but opted for different filters.

The Snatched star decided to test out the "Female" mod on the app and found, well, no real change. The comedian looks great as usual—not that confident actress needed the reminder!

Looks like the app is smarter than we thought!

Is this going to replace the puppy Snapchat filter in our hearts? Probably not. Are we going to download it and send the pics to all of our friends? You better believe it.

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