When it's time to step up and become a father, Channing Tatum makes it look pretty darn easy.

It's been three years since the Hollywood actor and wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum welcomed their first child into the world.

And while the couple's daughter named Everly continues to live a more private life, fans are certain that she is loved by both mom and dad.

As Channing celebrates a birthday today, E! News is taking a look into the Magic Mike and Step Up star's life as a father. Let's just say he's excelling on and off camera.

"It's scary. You made this thing and have to bring it into the world together. You think people are going to be there, but ultimately you just have each other," Channing shared with Vanity Fair when asked about fatherhood. "I love being a dad. They're like little mirrors running around. They show you things about yourself you wouldn't pay attention to before. Jenna says it all the time: 'Oh, my God, that is so you right there.' But I don't know if I'm good at it."

He added, "I now look back on my own parents and have a better appreciation."

While some Hollywood stars document their children's milestones on social media, Channing chooses to keep his Instagram light on kid photos. If he does, it's rarely the face of Everly.

When celebrating Halloween 2016, Channing chose to showcase the father-daughter duo's costumes from the backside with the caption, "onesies pimp walk."

And before Santa arrived to surprise Everly with more presents, the actor delivered a tease into how much he spoils his daughter.

"She gets the presents part! She keeps looking at the tree because she knows that stuff is supposed to be under there," he shared on LIVE! With Kelly and Michael. "But she doesn't understand that she's not allowed to open them yet. So when we put something under there, she's just like, ‘Present!'"

Jenna follows a similar social media technique when she shares family photos online. During a family vacation to Cabo, the couple shared a group shot steps from the ocean blue water.

"Vacation has been amazing feeling so blessed and grateful," she wrote as the family-of-three held hands before the sunset.

While Jenna previously shared with E! News that she and Channing "definitely want to" have more children, the couple remains focused on enjoying their family life today.

And while Channing deserves plenty of credit, the actor is the first to give gratitude to his wife for being one special mama.

"I took this just days after Jenna and I (mostly Jenna) brought our little girl into the world. I've taken many like it over the past 3 years but this is one of my favorites," Channing shared on a recent Mother's Day. with a photo of his wife holding their baby. "Watching her in those first days transform into a mother was life changing. She was every bit the beautiful, sexy, funny, flawed creature I fell in love with. But the prism turned and showed a whole new light that I had no idea existed, the light of a mothers love. Thank you for that baby."

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