Dragons are the new unicorns, at least according to Starbucks.

Last week, the limited-edition Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino stole the Internet with its love-to-hate, hate-to-love Instagrams. With the flurry of fantastical frap fans, most locations sold out in a big way, but baristas made due with the onslaught of requests, whipping up a mystical alternative—a green tea and berry-based frappaccino, unofficially named "The Dragon Frappaccino." And now it's having a moment.  

Much like the magical fire-breathing beast itself, not too much is known about how the drink other than the fact that it's not an official Starbucks beverage. So while it is not on the menu, you can still get your hands on the not-so-top-secret treat. 

It's believed the green substance is comprised of ice, milk and green tea powder, while the hot pink color is likely formed, not from fire, but berry syrup. Word on the street is that one location improvised when they ran out of some of the Unicorn Frap ingredients, and then the craze caught on.

One of the main complaints about the unicorn drink is that it was way too sweet, like sickeningly sweet. However, dragon drinkers have noted that the new creation is not as sugary as the first of its kind. This one also this has caffeine in it (unlike the Unicorn Frap), which may be a plus for folks want to get a caffeine buzz on.

So for those who are wanting to try the drink, grab your Dragon Frap while it's cold. We have a feeling that supplies may be flying out of Starbucks in a hurry...

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