Kim Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Friends Go Absolutely Wild in Mexico

Inside the girls' trip to Punta Mita, where they've been making a splash

By Francesca Bacardi Apr 25, 2017 2:27 PMTags

This isn't your average family vacation.

Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian are vacationing in Punta Mita with several of their close friends, including Brittany Gastineau, Malika Haqq, Larsa Pippin and Kim's assistant Stephanie Shepherd, and things are wild. Fans already got a glimpse of the women making a splash in their barely there bikinis, but late Monday night Kim gave fans a full rundown of what's really going down in Mexico.

"So I'm gonna give u guys a play by play of the trip so far...," Kim began. "@kourtneykardash threw up in her bed 4 times and slept in it."

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What?! And that was just the beginning. "@sarahrhoward tweaked her neck twerking (I will snap chat videos soon)," Kim continued. ".@jenatkinhair spiked my Oreo shake to try to get me to not eat it because she's fat shaming me. Nicole Reda had a 10 min black out & tried to fight @steph_shep."

This trip might literally be Girls Gone Wild because Kim hadn't even scratched the surface. Gastineau seemingly ditched the group after she "skinny dipped solo and disappeared for the two days." Pippen was up to no good as well, trying to give her "a 'special' brownie," so she "threatened to sue her & the chef."

On a tweeting storm, Kim also shared video and pictures of the group's antics, which included posing with an inflatable penis. Eventually it seemed like Kourtney rallied after her night of vomiting, as Kim tweeted, "Oh and @kourtneykardash won't stop doing naked cart wheels."

But what was Kim doing, besides tweeting of course? "Oh and as for me you ask? ...I'm just sitting here on the beach with my flawless body," she shared. She even provided a sneak peek of what that looked like: her sipping on a milkshake in her bikini. Meanwhile, Joyce Bonelli was busy putting "nipple clamps" on Haqq.

By the time they get home, these women might need a vacation from their busy vacation!