The Arrangement Betrayal Revealed: Megan Learns Her Best Friend Hope Leaked Her Nude Photos

See what happened on the latest episode of the E! show

By Jess Cohen Apr 24, 2017 3:00 AMTags

"I can't have you in my life."

Megan (Christine Evangelista) broke down in tears after learning her best friend Hope (Katharine Isabelle) leaked her nude photos on Sunday's The Arrangement.

On the episode, Megan agreed to move in with Kyle (Josh Henderson) after a stalker broke into his house. But before she moved in, Megan decided to have one last night with her best friends Hope and Shaun (Carra Patterson) in her old house.

While packing up her place with her BFFs, Shaun and Hope got into a heated argument over Terence (Michael Vartan) and Institute for the Higher Mind. Hope accused Terence of breaking into Kyle's house and Shaun defended him, which lead Shaun to reveal that she's been taking seminars at IHM.

"Trust me Megan, Terence is not your problem," Shaun said.

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"Oh yeah no, for sure, totally not your problem," Hope said sarcastically. "He can manipulate your boyfriend into firing you off his movie, but no don't worry about him he's not your problem."

After hearing this, Shaun told Hope, "How can you even just sit here and act like you're the one who has Megan's back. What did you just forget about what you did?"

She then explained to Megan, "Hope's the one who gave your naked pictures to the press."

A shocked Megan asked Hope, "You did that? Why?"

Hope then tried to explain herself, "Kyle kicked me out of his party and I was pissed…listen, the people from the Institute like Kyle and Terence, I keep trying to tell you that they're dangerous and you're just not hearing me."

She continued, "I thought that a scandal would make them leave you alone. It was the trade-off, right? No but it was a horrible idea, it was a terrible, bad, stupid thing to do and I'm really sorry that I hurt you, but it all came from love."

"No I do not do that version of love anymore. I can't have you in my life," a distraught Megan said to Hope before telling her to leave.

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