Suicide Squad recently won an Oscar for Best Makeup, but what about the visual effects? Let's take a look.

The VFX Breakdown by Imageworks video shows an in-depth looks at all of the visual work that went into creating the box office hit. While all of the labor is noteworthy, people are paying extra attention to the detail given to model Cara Delevingne.

Around the one minute mark, the video shows a full visual effects transformation of Cara into her character of the Enchantress.

Cara Delevingne, Suicide Squad

Warner Bros. Pictures

The comparison starts with Cara in minimal body art, and then visual effects are layered onto her to give a complete character look.

So what's the big deal? Some fans of the film are saying it looks like Cara was slimmed down.

When watching closely, it seemingly appears as if Cara received a little more waist-to-hip ratio and a flatter stomach among a variety of other complex visual additions.

With so much effects layered on top, it is hard to say if this was a deliberate choice or just the effects of complex post-production.

Watch the video and tell us your thoughts!

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