Fiona the Hippo


Sometimes you just have to pass out.

After her morning weigh-in, Fiona, the premature baby hippo living in the Cincinnati Zoo, is free to roam wherever she pleases along the hippo-proof areas the zoo created for her. Recently, Fiona the Hippo wandered into a shower that the zoo's divers use. Knowing hippos prefer to be wet, Fiona's caretaker turned on the shower and let her enjoy the cascading droplets. But Fiona might have enjoyed herself a little too much LOL!

Fiona stood in the shower for a couple of minutes before deciding she had had too much of a day already and fell asleep. Yes, Fiona the Hippo took a nap in the shower with the water running. Must be nice!

Fiona is the first Nile hippo at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens in 75 years. She weighed 29 pounds at birth, which is about 25 pounds lighter than the lowest recorded birth weight for her species. According to USA Today, she was up to 166 pounds.

Because she was too small to nurse from her mother, zoo staffers have been milking mom Bibi and feeding Fiona since she was born on Jan. 24.

Watch the adorable video to get a glimpse of Cincinnati's famous Fiona.

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