Alpha Male Madness

This might be the toughest round of all. 

We've made it to the elite eight in our quest to find the most loved TV actor, and we're already a little shocked. Arrow's Stephen Amell is no longer in the running, and the guys of Shadowhunters have been knocked out of the tournament too. 

And yet, this is where things get really tricky. These are some showdowns of epic proportions, since costars are going up against costars, and you're going to have to choose. Outlander vs. Outlander. Supernatural vs. Supernatural. The 100 vs. The 100. (Plus Once Upon a Time vs. Shameless, because not everything can be symmetrical.) 

How will you decide?! Who will prevail?! You've got four days to figure it out. 

The good news for you is that come Monday, when it's time to vote in the final four, your fandom will be united, and your favorite actor's journey to the final round should be smooth sailing. 

Now get to voting!

This round is now closed. Thanks for voting!

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