The Sesame Street parody you've been waiting for is here: Meet The Real Grouches. Yes, Sesame Street is taking on The Real Housewives franchise in a three-part parody (yes, it's like most Real Housewives reunions), complete with taglines for Oscar the Grouch, Grundgetta, Diva Garbagedump (what a name) and Grover.

Part one is just the taglines, ranked below, part two features a talent show including references to songs "Grouchy for the Party," "Money Can't Buy You Trash" and "Pretty Messy," with lessons on taking turns, and part three takes place at FUR Lounge with lessons about learning to share. FUR Lounge was given a four stinky sock review. What a world.

4. Grundgetta: "I'm a mystery wrapped in fish and trash." She speaks the truth.

3. Grover: "On Sesame Street you can be anything, but it's most important to be kind." Grover's branding is strong.

2. Oscar: "I have a taste for trash and trash has a taste for me." It's so fitting.

1. Diva Garbagedump: "People call me a trash-digger, and they're not wrong." It's too good.

Take a look at the parodies above to get your Real Housewives of Sesame Street fixes.

Sesame Street airs new episodes on HBO at 9 a.m. on Saturday mornings.

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