Chris Pratt sat down with E! News and spilled on how he keeps in shape for his shirtless scenes and his time with his kids when he's not filming. The star is returning to his role in the Jurassic Park movies and just finished up with his latest movie Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, which opens on Monday May, 5. With such a busy schedule, he told E! News how he is already planning his next cheat meal for 2029 and said he's "really looking forward to it."

While the Guardians of the Galaxy star had no problem making fun of himself he does take keeping in shape very seriously. After landing the lead in the first Guardians film in 2014 the actor has become well known for his stellar body and lost tons of weight for the sequel following his strict diet and workout routine. He still makes time to spend with his family though saying that he will "indulge, maybe have a dessert, once a week or once every two weeks" with his wife and 4 year old son. 

The star did admit that having a family made his dieting harder at times saying "every meal is a cheat meal for a 4 year old." Even the hot star isn't immune to a little food envy so don't feel bad next time Instagram breaks your resolve with delicious photos of sweets and calories.


And when he's not able to share in his son's meals all the time, he has found other ways to indulge with him that include taking him along on his international press tour.

He told E! News, "It's pretty cool, I want to try and give my son a similar upbringing to what I had because my parents, they did a pretty good job...they were always there." Pratt also gushed about his son already picking up a few words in Japanese! But don't take our word for it, peep the videos above for our full chat with the lovable actor.

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