Candace Cameron Bure Shares an Update on Jodie Sweetin Since Messy Split: "She's Being a Trooper"

The Fuller House actress recently broke up with her fiancé

By Samantha Schnurr Apr 18, 2017 8:12 PMTags

Everywhere you look, everywhere you, Candace Cameron Bure will be there for Jodie Sweetin

While the Fuller House star manages the aftermath of her messy split from her ex-fiancé, Justin Hodak, the actress' co-star has her back. 

"She's doing great," Bure told E! News. "She's being a trooper and handling everything with grace."

The fallout of her three-year relationship has been riddled with legal issues after Hodak violated the restraining order Sweetin filed against him on two occasions. Before the restraining order was in place, he was first arrested after Sweetin called the police because he threatened to commit suicide. 

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According to the emergency protective order, Sweetin alleged they got into a heated argument after they ended their engagement and that he had been "abusing alcohol and marijuana" that night. She said he "escalated the conflict by pulling down a 7-foot bookcase." Police also found a firearm that belonged to Hodak, which was illegal considering he is a convicted fellon, so they arrested him on the violation. 

With the presence of police, Sweetin's rep and a security guard removed some property from the actress' house in late March.

"We're all super supportive of her, so she's good," Bure assured. "She's in a very good place."

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Meanwhile, if there's anyone Sweetin can turn to for advice, it's Bure. The mother of three even tried to offer some words of wisdom to her 18-year-old daughter, Natasha Bure, who recently penned her first book, Let's Be Real, a project geared toward teens on stands now. "I really wanted to write a book that teen girls can read and get some encouragement, some advice," she explained to E! News. However, while mom tried to include a few bits, she soon realized it sounded like "a mother writing this part."

Meanwhile, Natasha has plenty to share with fellow teens considering she's lived under her famous mom's strict roof for the last 18 years. 

"She has a lot of rules—more than I'd prefer," Natasha said. However, she agreed that there are reasons for such restrictions. 

However, that doesn't mean she's never tried to dodge one of them. While one of her parents didn't want her dating anyone who plays the same sports as her two younger brothers, she admittedly broke that order. 

"I did have relations with someone who…," the teen said before her mom protectively jumped in to clarify. "She didn't mean what that sounded like!"