Anne Hathaway Puts Her Vocal Talents on Display While Singing Google Translated Songs

Colossal actress duets with Jimmy Fallon

By Francesca Bacardi Apr 18, 2017 1:55 PMTags

Anne Hathaway proved she had vocal chops in Les Misérables, singing emotional tracks that ultimately earned her an Oscar. But come Monday night Hathaway changed her tune.

The Colossal actress appeared on The Tonight Show and joined host Jimmy Fallon to sing Google Translated songs. As any one who has used Google Translate knows, the software doesn't translate languages perfectly. For example, Hathaway had to sing The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face," which changed to "My Front Is Not Felt."

"Her concern was given and told me her concern again was given / Together it is known acceleration," Hathaway sang, making everyone in the audience laugh. "What I've affection with saying and told me in your presence / My front is not felt hey it is good, hey it is good, yes." 

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If you thought it couldn't get anymore incoherent than that, prepare to stand corrected. Next up was Fallon, who sang Gloria Gaynor's hit track, "I Will Survive," which will now be known as "I Will Be Punctual."

"Not good for me I will be punctual / Unless I know with love's knowledge I am aware that I'm aware," Jimmy crooned. "I live all my life was yes all my love given yes / And I never punctual I will be punctual!"

Having mastered the art of the Google Translated song, Hathaway and Fallon decided to duet the last round. They chose Pink and Nate Ruess' "Just Give Me a Reason" a.k.a. "Only Tell Me Ground." 

"At the outset you are a felon who took my center / and I'm ready to hunt, yes," Hathaway began.

"Viewing was allowed for you / Of the full pleasing your contact repair became," Fallon chimed in.

The dynamic duo sang the chorus together. "Only tell me grounds / Only few becomes sufficient / Yes we now enjoy the broken curve and we can love reeducate," they sang. "I do not end sensors will also be written heart yes / You enjoy the broken curve and we can love reeducate."

Watch the hilarious video to see how the songs should actually go.