The Keepers


Get ready for The Keepers. Netflix's latest true crime series is coming May 19 and tells the tale of an unsolved murder of a nun from Baltimore.

Directed by Ryan White of The Case Against 8 fame, the seven-part series examines the death of Sister Cathy Cesnik and the mystery that still lingers almost five decades following her murder. The Catholic high school teacher went missing November 7, 1969 and her body was found nearly two months later—yet her death remains unsolved.

In the 1990s, the case of Sister Cathy returned to the spotlight when a woman only known as Jane Doe come forward to share her story of sexual abuse by the high school's chaplain. According to Netflix, Jane Doe was taken to Sister Cathy's body (yet to be discovered) and told," See what happens when you say bad things about people."

White interviewed dozens of friends, relatives, journalists who covered the story, Baltimore citizens and government officials in an effort to uncover the truth behind the murder of the schoolteacher.

"A theme of all of this is just voice: being able to find your own, being able to use it and having people listen to it," executive producer Jessica Hargrave said in a statement.

Hargrave, White, Josh Braun, Ben Cotner, Jason Spingarn-Koff and Lisa Nishimura are executive producers on the documentary series.

The Keepers


Some of the shockers from the trailer above include this quote, "My father said to my mother, 'You want to know why I drink?Because we killed a woman and we put her behind the shop,'" and this one, "This goes bigger and deeper than we can imagine. The story is not the nun's killing, the story is the cover up of the nun's story."

"We never set out in making this to solve a murder," White said. "But what has happened through making it is it has drawn people out in a way that wouldn't have happened if there wasn't going to be such a scrutiny or risk of exposure."

Get your first look at The Keepers, which is sure to be your next true crime obsession in the trailer above. All episodes drop on May 19 on Netflix.

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