April the Giraffe's Newborn Calf's Sex Revealed

Did she deliver a male or a female?

By Francesca Bacardi Apr 15, 2017 7:11 PMTags
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It's a boy!

After a long wait—for April and for viewers around the world—audiences finally got to witness April the Giraffe give birth Saturday morning. Animal Adventure Park revealed on Instagram a few hours after the delivery that she gave birth to a boy. Shortly after April welcomed her calf, the Toys "R" Us banner switched to Babies "R" Us, a small detail that 1.2 million viewers felt was incredibly endearing.

Still left unanswered is what the calf will be named. Viewers will be able to participate in the naming process. According to PressConnects.com, the zoo will be setting up a GoFundMe page where people can donate $1 to nominate a name.

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Money raised will be divided between giraffe conservation in the wild and giraffe care at Animal Adventure, where April and her family resides. It will come down to six names that fans can vote for on social media.

The livestream remains active, and viewers can see the calf nursing with April. Sadly, the calf's father and April's partner, Oliver, hasn't been formally introduced to his newborn...yet. They've interacted through their fences but haven't had the chance to be together. This is April's fourth calf.

"It was an absolutely perfect birthing process, it went exactly as planned," Animal Adventure Park owner Jordan Patch said in a Facebook livestream. "We're going to let Mom and baby do their thing for a little bit. Perfect delivery, perfect fall."