Dutch Game Show


There are no words.

A Dutch game show asks male contestants to look at women on rotating platform and determine whether they're fat or pregnant. The show, Neem Je Zwemspullen Mee (Bring Your Bathing Suit), premiered Sunday and there's a petition circulating to have it pulled from air. Many are calling the show misogynistic, disgusting and embarrassing for the entire Netherlands.

This is just the latest controversy for the show, which last year asked contestants to guess if a woman's breasts are real and whether someone is Chinese or Japanese.

People turned to social media to slam the TV show. "For everyone thinking The Netherlands is great. We reached a new low yesterday night," one viewer tweeted. "National TV game show: 'is she pregnant or just fat?'"

"Welcome to the Netherlands, where we apparently have a tv show where men guess if a woman's fat or pregnant. I f--king can't," tweeted another viewer.

According to website DutchNews.nl, the game show has scrapped the controversial segment.

KRO-NCRV director Yvonne de Haan released a statement, obtained by the Dutch news site, apologizing: "The section Fat or Pregnant? was meant to show appearances can deceive. In this round we feature lots of prejudices based on what people look like. Is he a criminal or a business man?, or is he Dutch or German? Putting things in a satirical setting is a way of laughing at prejudice. But we did it I a way that hurt people. That was never the intention and we regret it."

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