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If you've tried one hair product, you've tried them all. At least that's how it feels. 

With thousands of options on the market, it can be hard to trust what really works.

"Unfortunately so many hair-care products out there today are truly just reformulated and rebranded, but there hasn't been any real evolution or innovation in the hair-care industry," said celeb hairstylist Adir Abergel.

Enter: Virtue, a newly patented hair-care line made with human protein keratin, which just so happens to make up 90 percent of our hair skin and nails. As the brand's creative director, Adir has tested the new innovation on his famous clients, including Jessica Biel, Anne Hathaway, Reese Witherspoon and Emma Watson.

But, why should you swap your standard products for Virtue?

For one, it's actually something different.

"Let's be honest: There's no real need for yet another hair-care line. But there is tremendous need for hair care that can actually do something material in terms of repairing damage," said Melisse Shaban, the company's founder and CEO.

That's exactly what Virtue, made with Alpha Keratin 60ku, does. Your body basically recognizes the keratin ingredient as its own, which helps to heal brittle strands in a way like never before. This range (which includes shampoos, conditioners and other styling products) is being touted as one of the biggest breakthroughs in real hair-care technology in probably the last 30 years. No big deal. 

Like all genius ideas, it was never intended to be used on hair. The science first emerged when trying to find a way to heal battle wounds. "This technology was discovered in the study of regenerative medicine by researchers looking into how to speed up healing from catastrophic battlefield injuries—things like bone, tissue and nerve regeneration," she explained. It was only through research that they found how well it worked to bring hair back to life. "It is clinically proven to locate the damaged spots on the hair, and adhere to it naturally, repaving and repairing those spots to give you your healthiest, most beautiful hair," she said.

"When I heard about this, I was super excited. I tried it on my assistant, and this is not an exaggeration: Her fried hair became like a 16-year-old's virgin hair after one time," said Adir. It's true: After one use, no matter your damage, expect your strands to feel smoother and look shiner. Then after four uses, you'll notice an even larger difference in the texture of your once-damaged strands. "Used continuously, it can forever change the health and quality of your hair," noted Melisse.

Prices range from $14 to $50, which isn't all that different from what you're already paying now. But for first-of-its-kind patented technology like this, it's an absolute steal.

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