Ever After: A Cinderella Story

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By Asha Jul 11, 2019 8:22 PMTags

Pleasing trifle that retells the tale of the most famous foot fetishist in history and his quarry--Cinderella. You know the story, and it's anything but Grimm. In fact, the flick often registers like an old "Fractured Fairy Tale" cartoon, with blousy comic turns from Huston as Barrymore's wicked stepmonster and Dodds as Huston's fiendish, favored daughter.


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Drew is feisty and cute as the stepdoormat who gets the short end of the stick at first, but ends up with the last laugh. Scott's princeling is a yawn and makes you think Barrymore should have skipped the ball, stayed home and swept up. Patrick Godfrey in the offbeat role of Leonardo da Vinci (He's visiting the French court) performs "fairy godmother" chores and gets off the flick's best zingers.