Ludacris, your fans can't be fooled. 

Following the release of his music video for his new "Vitamin D" track, the Fate of the Furious star came under fire for digitally enhancing his muscles for the visual. Fans couldn't resist ribbing the rapper for the choice, comparing the CGI washboard to that of a video game character's or a set of rolls. 

Ludacris made light of all of the criticism, writing to one fan, "I did a lot of sit ups for that" when she asked him whether those abs were the result of a Sephora shopping spree. 

However, as Ludacris later confirmed, the faux abs are explained in the video as the star wakes up on a surgery table at the end to realize his abs are gone and the whole sequence was a dream. 

Meanwhile, a few fans were quick to point out this is not the first time the rapper has physically augmented himself for his music videos. He sported oversized arms for "Get Back" and a big head in "Rollout."

Ultimately, Ludacris had the last laugh. "Do you want your own fake abs, but can't afford CGI?" he tweeted. "Get your fake abs here for $11.81! ."

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