Kylie Jenner Surprises High School Students at Their Prom

She was one teen's date

By Corinne Heller Apr 09, 2017 2:50 PMTags


Students at Rio Americano High School in Sacramento were amazed Saturday when they discovered an unexpected celebrity guest at their junior prom at the Tsakopoulos Library Galleria: Kylie Jenner.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star served as the date of junior Albert Ochoa.

Several students, including his sister, posted videos of Kylie at the prom.

Kylie arrived at the prom with BFF Jordyn Woods. The reality star posted on her Snapchat a photo of the two in their dresses, sitting inside a private jet. Kylie wore a one shoulder mocha gown, while Jordyn sported a red gown. Both wore white corsages.

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Snapchat / Kylie Jenner

Kylie had attended high school until the end of ninth grade, then was homeschooled until she graduated in 2015, so she never got to have her own prom.

In 2014, Kylie said in a Google+ chat, "I plan on making one of my friends take me to prom. I feel like I need to go to one. I want to go to one of them." 


In 2013, Kylie talked to Seventeen magazine about her ideal prom date.

"I don't have a boyfriend," she said at the time. "But I really do want that boyfriend prom experience. I would want to go with someone who's not afraid, or doesn't think that he's too cool, to show up at my house with a rose corsage. It would be nice for the guy to come over and be respectful and nice while my mom takes prom pics."

"But if I couldn't find a boyfriend, I would want to go with one of my best guy friends, like Jaden [Smith]," she said. "I know I'd have fun with him - he makes me laugh and he is a great dancer."

Jaden attended his own prom in 2015, wearing a white Batman suit. He sported the same outfit at Kylie's sister Kim Kardashian's wedding to Kanye West the previous year.